Effective marketing is driven by data.

Download this case study to see how the Golden State Warriors are using WiFi Marketing to collect validated first-party data to create targeted marketing campaigns.

Download Golden State Warriors Case Study.


Avoid adding poor quality data into your CRM.


First-Party Data

Solicit first-party opt-in data from customers in return for guest WiFi access.


Data Validity

Reduce worthless data in your CRM and create more effective marketing experiences with higher ROI.


Live Engagement

Provide relevant, real-time, digital experiences to on-site visitors through guest WiFi.

Why leverage WiFi?


#1 Requested Amenity

Use our platform to build a digital audience that YOU own.


Guest Experience Matters

Stay on brand with personalized experiences for every visit.


It's Easy

Easy for you and your visitors. Start driving marketing initiatives as soon as you launch.

No behavior changes. No app to install. No special hardware.